Gunold Solvy Film 80 microns Water Soluble - 40425

Gunold Solvy Film 80 microns Water Soluble - 40425



Solvy Ultra Embroidery Stabiliser

This is heavy duty 80 microns

This is ideal to use for stand alone embroidery designs

SOLD PER 100cm x 100cm 

Firmly hoop ULTRA SOLVY FILM 80 without additional stabiliser.

Embroider directly onto the film, and then punch out the finished embroidery from the embroidery embroidery film. Now you have free-standing embroidery with neatly finished edges.

When sewing completely filled-in patches, the embroidery design should be digitised so that all segments and threads are interlinked. If not, the design will fall apart when you remove the ULTRA SOLVY water soluble film.

Please note this is not sent on a roll but cut to length and packed in a plastic bag

 Solvy Technical Information

Material: Water-soluble film made of 100% polyvinyl alcohol

Strength: 80 microns, approx. 97 g/m2